Retinol Peel (Yellow Peel): Full Review, Photos, and More.

In this article, I will share my experience of the Retinol peel (Yellow Peel) procedure. I’ll tell you about all the recommendations I received and about skin care after peeling.

What is a Chemical Skin Peel?

This is a procedure that is used to exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, and overall skin rejuvenation. Often, the composition contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid, retinoic acid, and others.

To choose a chemical peel that suits your skin type, consult a specialist.

In a specialized clinic, a cosmetologist will help you choose care for different skin conditions. In addition to peelings, you may need other procedures.

The clinic will also help you choose skin care products with ingredients suitable for your skin type. For example, serums and creams with hyaluronic acid perfectly moisturize the skin. And such care will help you with skin care after a chemical peel.

yellow peel

What is Retinol Chemical Peel?

This type of peel (yellow peel) is a medium chemical peel whose active ingredient is retinol. This component is a derivative of vitamin A and has a bright yellow color. This is where the name of this peeling comes from.

Does retinol make your skin peel?

Yes, retinol makes skin peel. It may irritate your skin a little. Therefore, before the procedure, it is recommended to conduct a sensitivity test and apply a pea-sized amount of the product.

In most cases, retinol peel before and after shows excellent results and does not cause allergies.

What Skin Problems Can Retinol Peel Treat?

Tretinoin face peeling copes well with problems such as hyperpigmentation and other signs of photoaging (1, 2), post-acne, acne (4), and fine wrinkles (3).

Yellow peeling also evens out and brightens skin tone.

In this article, Anna L. Chien, MD, discusses the effectiveness of topical retinol in treating acne.

After the procedure, a powerful skin renewal occurs: collagen production increases, pores become smaller, and the skin becomes more elastic.

How is the Tretinoin Skin Peeling Procedure Performed?

This procedure should only be performed by an experienced cosmetologist.

When I came for the retinol peel procedure, the esthetician immediately thoroughly cleaned my facial skin. After which, the cosmetologist applied the peeling composition to the skin.

Immediately after the procedure, the skin on my face became slightly darker. I did not feel any discomfort or burning on the skin.

The esthetician doctor gave recommendations on when to wash your face and remove the retinol peeling from your face. Also, in the next paragraph, I will share her recommendations for care after the procedure.

Post Chemical Peel Care Recommendations:

Chemical peel aftercare consists of three stages: delicate cleansing, moisturizing and healing cream, and sunscreen.

1. Cleansing

Delicate cleansing, without acids and alcohol in the composition, will allow the skin to quickly restore the skin barrier.

2. Hydration

A cosmetologist will usually recommend a cream to you that aims at moisturizing and regenerating.

All skincare products that you will use after the skin has healed should be as gentle as possible. Your facial lotions and serums should not contain acids, alcohol, or other aggressive ingredients. After all, the skin needs time to fully recover after the yellow peeling procedure.

Does retinol dry your skin? The first days after peeling, the skin will look dry and tight.

That’s why you need to moisturize it. This is due to the retinization process — this is the period when the skin adapts to retinol. Therefore, you may experience temporary discomfort, dry skin, and tightness.

3. SPF protection after Retinol Peel

After the yellow peeling procedure, the skin becomes especially sensitive. Therefore, my cosmetologist recommended that I use sunscreen even when there is no active sun. This will protect your skin from age spots and irritation.

Chemical Peeling Before and After Photo

retinol peel, yellow peel before and after
Before Retinol Peel and After 2 weeks

Retinol peel (yellow peel), even after the first procedure, turned out to be very effective: post-acne and dark spots decreased, and pores became smaller.

I also really liked the effect of smoother and more uniform skin. The complexion also became more even and lighter. Despite the peeling and slight redness in the first days after peeling, I will repeat the procedure. After all, if you complete a course of procedures, the effect will be much better and longer lasting.

The Most Common Questions About Retinol Peel:

How to Treat Peeling Skin on Face from Retinol?

flaky skin on the face 4-7 days after retinol peel

What to do after chemical peel if the skin is peeling? It is better if you give the skin time to completely renew itself and do not try to scrub it.

After peeling, the skin feels any impact much stronger, so you need to be very delicate in care. For the first days after the procedure, apply a moisturizing and regenerating cream that your cosmetologist will prescribe. Usually, this is a cream with panthenol and moisturizing components. This type of care will help you minimize peeling and make it less noticeable.

Can Retinol Cause Acne?

Retinol, a derivative of retinoic acid, is one of the most effective treatments for acne and skin inflammation today. However, it is essential to understand that when you just start introducing retinol into your care (for example, using a cream with retinol or doing your first peeling), the skin may react with an increase in rashes.

Typically, this skin reaction is associated with increased skin renewal and is called skin purge. During this period, the most important thing is to give your skin time to adapt to retinol.

And remember that in the long run, retinol can clear up your skin and rid you of acne and other skin problems.

Use the post-chemical peel care tips described above, and you will quickly achieve radiant and healthy skin.

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