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If you’ve been wondering, «Is jerky good for weight loss?» or «Is beef jerky good for weight loss?» then you’re in the right place! 

We are frequently looking for some healthy snack options. 

But sometimes it’s hard to find something beneficial that won’t cause us to gain pounds. 

That’s why it’s worth paying attention to such a tasty and healthy snack as jerky. 

Introduction to Jerky

What is Jerky?

Jerky is a lean piece of meat that has been stripped of fat, cut into strips, and dried to prevent spoilage. It is usually marinated in a seasoning solution to preserve the meat and intensify the flavors. The result is a very light, nutritious snack that can be stored for several months. 

Beef jerky is the most common type of Jackie. It comes in a variety of flavors; for example, you can find spicy beef jerky in stores. 

But there are also other types of jerky: turkey jerky, chicken jerky, and others. 

Historical Significance of Jerky

Historically, jerky was a survival essential for many indigenous peoples and explorers. Hundreds of years ago, this method of preserving meat without refrigeration was already common. Today, its importance to us has not diminished at all despite the development of civilization. After all, it is an amazingly tasty, natural snack that is easy to take with you. 

Nutritional Profile of Jerky

Key Nutrients in Jerky

Before we get to the question: «Is beef jerky good for weight loss?» let’s look at what nutrients this snack contains. People often mention beef jerky and diet together for a reason. 

After all, it is a veritable treasure trove of nutrients, including high-quality protein, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and B vitamins. (1) 

Caloric Content Overview

Although nutritious, jerky is relatively low in calories. This makes it an excellent snack for weight control. One serving can provide a significant amount of protein while minimizing calories.

One ounce (about 28 grams) of beef jerky has 116 calories. You will get about 10 grams of protein. (1)  

Calories may vary depending on the type of meat the jerky is made from. For example, turkey jerky will be even lower in calories and, therefore, even more suitable for weight loss. One ounce has about 70-80 calories and a lower fat content.

Benefits of Jerky for Weight Loss

is jerky good for weight loss

High Protein Content

When talking about beef jerky and weight loss, the first thing to talk about is protein. After all, protein is the king in weight management. As studies show, It helps in weight loss and makes you feel satiated for longer. (2) 

High-protein jerky fits perfectly into a weight-loss diet. 

Low Fat and Carbohydrates

Is beef jerky good for weight loss? Of course, its low fat and carbohydrate content makes beef jerky the perfect snack for those looking to reduce their calorie intake. It’s also important that you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition and flavor. 

Satiety and Hunger Management

The protein in jerky helps regulate hunger hormones, reducing food cravings and helping you feel satiated for longer. This can prevent overeating and aid in weight loss. (2) 

Is beef jerky a good snack for weight loss? Of course, yes, it is a good choice for a healthy snack. There aren’t many snacks that are natural and contain high-quality protein. So when we snack on quick carbohydrates, such as chips or sweets, we start to feel hungry after a short period. 

Choosing the Right Jerky for Weight Loss

jerky for weight loss

Types of Jerky

There’s a wide variety of jerky available, including beef, turkey, chicken, and even plant-based options. All of these types of jerky are good for weight loss. Each type differs in flavor, calories, and nutrient content. 

Is beef jerky good for weight loss? Yes, it is one of the most common options. It’s excellent as a high-protein snack for dieting. 

Is turkey jerky good for weight loss? Yes, this is also another popular type of jerky. It contains slightly less fat than beef jerky and is, therefore, even less calorie-dense. 

What to Look For in a Healthy Jerky

Is beef jerky healthy for weight loss? Are there any unhealthy substances in it? It depends on the specific products and their ingredients.

When choosing beef jerky for weight loss, look for options with no added sugar, minimal processing, and low sodium. Natural and organic options tend to contain cleaner ingredients.

Ingredients to Avoid

Avoid jerky that is high in sodium, sugars, sweeteners, and artificial preservatives. They can negate all the beneficial properties. Always carefully study the composition that is on the package. This will help you avoid harmful ingredients and avoid health problems.

How to Incorporate Jerky into Your Diet

beef jerky weight loss

Ideal Serving Sizes

A serving size of jerky is typically one ounce (about 28 grams), which is perfect for a snack or part of a meal.

Creative Ways to Eat Jerky

Beyond snacking straight from the bag, you can chop jerky into salads, stir it into scrambled eggs, or add it to soups for a protein boost.

Potential Downsides and Considerations

Sodium Content

One major consideration with jerky is its sodium content, which can be high. Opt for low-sodium versions if you’re monitoring your salt intake.

Processed Meat Concerns

Although jerky can be part of a healthy diet, it’s important to consume it in moderation due to concerns over processed meats and their links to certain health conditions.

Is Beef Jerky Bad for Your Cholesterol? 

If you consume beef jerky too often, it may not be very beneficial. But it is important to realize that beef jerky contains much less fat than fresh red meat. Therefore, one small serving per day is perfectly acceptable.

Is beef jerky high in cholesterol? One ounce of beef jerky contains 13.6 milligrams of cholesterol. It used to be thought that eating cholesterol was harmful to arteries and overall health. However, as the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health notes, cholesterol from food doesn’t have as much of an effect on blood cholesterol levels. (3) 

Therefore, a small amount of jerky without harmful additives will not harm your health and well-being.

As an alternative, you can try turkey or chicken jerky. These types of jerky contain much less fat.

Comparing Jerky with Other Weight Loss Snacks

Jerky vs. Nuts

While nuts are also nutritious, they’re higher in calories and fats, making jerky a better option for those strictly monitoring their calorie intake.

Jerky vs. Protein Bars

Protein bars often contain added sugars and calories. Jerky for weight loss offers a more natural, less processed protein source with fewer additives.


We have answered the question: «Is beef jerky good for weight loss?» in detail. Now, we know it is an excellent protein snack that is convenient to take. Thanks to its high protein content, jerky removes hunger and helps control weight. 

But when choosing a snack, pay special attention to the composition. There should be no unhealthy additives and flavor enhancers.

FAQs About Jerky and Weight Loss

Yes, due to its high protein and low-calorie content, jerky can be an excellent snack for weight loss.

It’s best to stick to the recommended serving size of one ounce (about 28 grams) to keep your calorie intake in check.

Look for jerky with no added sugars, minimal processing, and low sodium content. Beef and turkey jerky are popular choices.

Yes, due to high sodium levels and concerns over processed meats, it’s important to consume jerky in moderation.

Jerky is made from real meat, so it contains higher-quality protein than most protein bars. Also, protein bars are often high in calories and sugars, making them less suitable for weight loss.

If this product is consumed in moderation, it will not lead to excess weight gain, but on the contrary, thanks to its high protein content, it will help you lose weight. But overeating, including low-calorie foods(even fruits), can lead to weight gain. Therefore, the most important thing is to keep your daily calorie allowance and not to overeat, including healthy foods. 

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