4 Benefits of Swimming in the Morning. All You Need to Know.

If you are looking for the best time to go swimming the best time to swim is here. Just get started today. Because you get so many benefits of swimming in the morning. I hope this article motivates you to wake up early and go swimming, either at a pool or outdoors. 

I, too, once just started swimming training and still needed to learn about all the benefits of swimming. Now I work out five times a week in the pool. I want to share with you the advantages of swimming in the morning that I have personally experienced.

Benefit 1: Energy Boost for the Rest of the Day

Swimming is one of the most versatile activities. It is suitable for those already trained and those just starting their training.

You just get to the nearest swimming pool or you can go swimming outdoors. And even if the training is short, literally half an hour, this is quite enough. The body will cheer up. Blood circulation will improve, you will get a portion of endorphins.

You will notice that after swimming it will be mach easier for you to concentrate and you will have more energy. This is exactly what we wanted!

Is today a good day to go to the pool? For starters, you can choose one day to swim per week. Gradually increase the amount up to 5 times a week.

And you will never again feel a lack of energy and lethargy in the morning.

When is the best time to go swimming? Of course, in the morning. But this may not be for everyone. If you are not a morning person, you can swim in the afternoon or even swim at night.

The best time of day to swim is the one that suits you and fits into your daily routine. Just a morning swim can cheer you up better than any coffee. But in any case, it’s better to go to the pool in the afternoon than not at all.

Benefit 2: Helps to Lose Weight

We have already discovered that the best time to go to the pool is early morning. It helps not only to raise the energy level, it also helps in weight loss. After all, swimming training is a full-body workout. And by controlling the swimming speed, the activity can be lighter, interval, or high intensity.

Are you still asking: is today a good day to go swimming? Of course, especially if your goal is to throw off weight and make your body more toned. Also, swimming will improve microcirculation and reduce the visibility of cellulite.

Benefit 3: Increases the Production of Collagen

Is it good swimming outside? These data show the health benefits of outdoor swimming. (1)

Swimming in cold water boosts collagen production and keeps your skin flexible and youthful. But be careful. First, swim in the pool (water temperature is about 78 — 82 degrees). Or at sea, but when the water is quite comfortable in temperature.

Swimming in cold water requires special training and gradualness. You can try a contrast shower first.

When your body gets used to the cold water, you will already understand when is the best time of day to swim outdoors. In the morning or evening, when the water is cooler or warmer after a sunny day. The main thing is to listen to yourself, do everything with pleasure, and take care of yourself.

Benefit 4: Improves Mood and Health

The benefits of swimming in the morning are many. Here are just a few of the studies below:

Research has shown that swimming does have a positive effect on our mood (2).

And improves health: (3), (4), (5)


I briefly covered the main benefits of swimming in the morning, but the benefits of swimming do not end there! New research is constantly emerging. But I suggest you experience the benefits of swimming for yourself.

 If you ask yourself should I go swimming today or is today a good day to swim — the answer is yes!

And despite some of the cons of swimming (associated with chlorine in the water in the pool), swimming is a wonderful way to improve your well-being, mood, and appearance.

The founder of Myfitbody.club, fitness blogger, passionate advocate of a wholesome lifestyle, and your personal compass in the captivating realm of nutrition and exercise.

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