Do AB Workouts Burn Belly Fat? All You Need to Know.

If you, like me once, are wondering about do ab workouts burn belly fat, you are in the right place!

This article will look at how to pump up six-pack abs and reduce belly fat. You will learn which exercises are best for burning belly fat and which ones you should avoid.

Let’s debunk the main myths so you can grasp this issue and avoid making the same mistakes again. Are you ready? Then let’s go!

A flat stomach is the dream of many people. Someone is wondering how to pump up abs.

Some people have been working out their abs for long but don’t see good results. Why? Because the whole problem lies in fat.

You can pump up your abs as much as you want, but if the fat deposits on your stomach are more than normal, you won’t see results and will lose motivation.

So, how do you burn belly fat? And do ab workouts burn belly fat? Let’s deal with everything in order.

Are Exercise for Belly Fat Effective?

You may have already heard about local fat burning. (1, 2) When doing abdominal exercises, it will be easier to burn fat in the abdominal area. This occurs by improving circulation of blood in the upper body and core muscles. However, there needs to be more research on local fat burning. Most studies suggest that fat is burned evenly throughout the body. (3, 4, 5) 

So, if you are asking, do exercises to lose belly fat work? The answer is definitely yes! You not only improve blood circulation and lose weight due to this. But you also burn calories while doing core exercises.

Best Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

Although there is a concept of local fat burning, we must understand that the most effective way to remove belly fat is to reduce the overall body fat percentage. How to lose body fat? The answer is to increase your calorie burn.

The best exercises to decrease belly fat are those workouts during which we burn more calories!

Power training

The more muscle mass you have, the easier it is to lose body fat. Build muscle and burn more calories.

Don’t be afraid of weight gain after strength training. Weight gain occurs due to muscle growth and slight swelling. If you don’t overeat you won’t gain excess fat.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT-training)

This type of training can include various exercises, but the most important thing here will be a high pace of exercise. Fat-burning workouts can be done daily. 20-30 minutes of HIIT training will be more than enough.

Cardio exercise

Aerobic exercises like walking, running, swimming, or cycling will also help lose fat. In addition to losing weight, such training will bring you additional health benefits (for example, prevention of type 2 diabetes) (6)

Stomach exercises (belly fat exercises)

And, of course, let’s remember all kinds of abdominal exercises. Are you wondering how to get flat stomach? It’s simple: add a few core exercises to your body workout. Even one regular exercise will provide its benefits.

How to Lose Lower Belly Fat?

 If you are interested in how to remove fat from the lower abdomen, watch this video!


So, losing belly fat exercises include any activity, such as abdominal exercises, lift weights, cardio, and other types of training.

What Exercise Burns the Most Belly Fat?

Using my example, the result is always better when you work comprehensively and perform exercises for the whole body and the abs.

But in any case, we are all individuals. Try different types of workouts. Play sports for your pleasure; do not concentrate only on whether the fat is disappearing from your belly. In any case, regular training will bring excellent results!

How Long Does it Take to Lose Belly Fat?

You can often see queries such as: how to lose belly fat naturally in 1 week or two weeks.Of course, the first changes begin after the first workout and the first day of proper nutrition. But it takes time for visible results to appear. For example, you can burn about 50-100 grams of fat per day. Of course, you’ll have to work hard, but it’s definitely worth it! Based on these numbers, you can burn 350-700 grams of fat in 1 week. Therefore, the most crucial thing in losing weight is not to give up. Every day brings you closer to your goal. Train, do abdominal exercises, and your waist will become thin , and your abdominal muscles will be sculpted and toned.

What to Eat to Lose Belly Fat?

There are no special foods that you will lose weight by eating. And all diets that greatly limit the choice of foods are dangerous to health and not productive.

Of course, no one doubts that processed foods should be excluded while losing weight. But how to approach this issue comprehensively and not harm your health while losing weight? There is a solution — a healthy, nutritious diet: vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts, eggs and other protein products.

 For you to lose weight, it is enough to create a small calorie deficit (no need to starve or be severely malnourished). But it is extremely important that the food you eat is complete and contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Therefore, prefer whole foods, and avoid fast carbohydrates, refined sugars, and excess fatty foods. After all, buns and donuts usually contain a massive amount of calories, but there is almost nothing useful. And after such a snack, you will soon want to eat again.Thanks to a nutritious and healthy diet, it will be much easier to remove belly fat. But how to eat in such a way as to lose weight and not feel hungry? This article describes the basic principles of healthy eating. Try them, and you will notice that losing weight is much easier than you thought.


After reading this article, I hope you have received the answer to the question Do ab workouts burn belly fat.

Regular abdominal exercises will bring excellent results in burning belly fat in the long term. But for even better results, do strength, cardio, or any physical activity you enjoy. After all, adipose tissue is found not only in the waist area but throughout the body. And the more calories you burn, the faster the fat will go away, including from your belly.

Remember nutrition. That’s half the battle. Try to eat more whole foods while losing weight, such as vegetables, grains, fish, eggs, etc. And reduce your intake of processed refined foods.

Try to do everything for pleasure, do not try to speed up weight loss with strict diets or excessive workouts. Remember that it is crucial to maintain your health first and not harm yourself. Take care of yourself, exercise, and lose weight with self-love and pleasure.

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