How to boost collagen production naturally.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein, one of our body’s most essential building blocks. It is responsible for the elasticity of our skin and its youthfulness. It is also responsible for the strength of all the connective tissue: muscles, joints, tendons, bones, capillaries, etc. 

Wrinkles, loose skin, and joint pain are signs of decreased collagen synthesis. Of course, most of us start taking collagen supplements and buying skin creams and serums. Oftentimes, this is not enough. First of all, collagen supplements must be of high quality, and secondly, your body must be able to absorb them. If your body has reduced collagen production, you can’t restore this process purely with supplements. It is necessary to take a comprehensive approach. 

How to increase collagen production?

1. Exercise with a heavy load.

Consider an example of strength training. There are micro-damages in your muscles after intensive work. The body starts a recovery process to restore muscles and ligaments. That’s how an additional portion of collagen is synthesized.

Strength training should be done on a regular basis. Initially, you can use your own weight. 

Any physical activity promotes rejuvenation and improves microcirculation. In order to increase collagen synthesis, go for resistance training.

2. Amino acids and vitamin C. 

For good collagen synthesis, try to consume more protein products: meat, seafood, and plant-based protein sources. You can supplement your diet with a portion of a protein shake or collagen.  

The main thing is the variety so that your body gets all the amino acids it needs. 

You should consume enough vitamin C to ensure that all the amino acids you receive can be properly absorbed. Not only does this vitamin improve protein absorption from food, but it also has a direct role in the body’s collagen synthesis. 

Leaders in vitamin C content (mg per 100 g of product):

  • kiwi 180 mg
  •  bell pepper 200 mg
  • broccoli 89 mg
  • orange 60 mg 
  • pomelo 61 mg
  • grapefruit 45 mg

3. Massages 

If there are some problem body areas where the skin lacks elasticity and tone, it is possible to work on them additionally. 

Most often, it is the abdominal area, hips, and the back surface of the arms. These areas can have wrinkles and flabbiness, even with a small amount of fat. 

It is caused by a lack of collagen production and metabolic processes in body tissue. 

It would help to massage these areas to help your body start collagen synthesis and restore skin tone. Rubbing, stroking, and tweezing movements will stimulate blood circulation. Elasticity of your skin will increase. You can use services of a massage professional or do self-massage. In any case, the effect will be good. The main thing with massage, as well as with exercise, is frequency and consistency. 

To sum it up. 

  • Our body has a huge regenerative potential. We can naturally rejuvenate the skin and increase body elasticity. We have to utilize this ability of our body. 
  • Strength training is the key to high collagen synthesis, and supplements in the diet are only supplements, not the primary source. 
  • A complete diet will improve post-workout recovery and collagen synthesis.  
  • Your skin, as well as muscles, needs additional stimulation so that it gets the signal to produce extra collagen. A hand massage or a massage using a brush is excellent for this purpose.

All of the points we’ve covered seem apparent. We always want to find some magic pill or procedure to solve a problem in seconds. Only regular daily work will give us the wow effect. The effect will be visible for a long time and it’s definitely worth it.  

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