White Peony Root: Health Benefits Based on Science. 

Chinese medicine has gained recognition for its healing plants and herbs. One such plant is the white peony (Paeonia lactiflora Pall. or Bai-shao). People have used the root of white peony to treat many diseases for over a thousand years. 

China, Japan, and Korea use peony extract to treat rheumatoid arthritis, muscle spasms, fever, and lupus erythematosus. Today, this magical herb is available worldwide. Both ground root and Chinese peony roots supplements are available on store shelves. 

So, based on scientific research, let’s determine what health benefits come from using this ancient remedy. 

White Peony Benefits for Health.

Peony roots have a rich chemical composition: peony essential oil, organic acids and sugars, flavonoids, glycosides, and tannins. It also has minerals such as magnesium, iron, copper, sodium and calcium. 

Certain compounds in white peony, like Paeoniflorin, are very effective against inflammation, pain, and other health issues. 

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The pain-relieving effect of Bai-shao.

Inflammation or injury often causes pain. Doctors often prescribe NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to reduce pain. However, many people often experience side effects when taking pain pills. 

Scientists have found that an extract of dried white peony root can reduce pain of varying intensity. This happens because of the active component of the plant — Paeoniflorin. This substance can reduce pain and inflammation and is effective in nervous system diseases. (1) 

White peony root for inflammation.

Considering peony extract’s health benefits, it is worth mentioning the anti-inflammatory effect. 

Paeoniflorin, the most active ingredient in chinese peony root, effectively relieves inflammation. Studies suggest that this substance has a powerful anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory effect. 

From this study, scientists conclude that peony medicinal uses can be very diverse. Peony extract is effective for arthritis, kidney and liver disease, and other inflammatory conditions. (2)(3)

Thus, Paeonia lactiflora root supplements help your immune system function optimally and suppress inflammation. 

Benefits for skin.

Studies have shown that white peony herb effectively treats hyperpigmentation. This is a condition in which darker patches appear on the skin — areas of increased melanin accumulation. 

Hyperpigmentation can result from prolonged sun exposure or hormonal changes. However, it can be very difficult to treat this problem. 

Studies have shown that peony extract for skin reduces pigmentation and promotes a more even tone. (4)(5) 

Peony flower benefits for skin have been discovered by many well-known cosmetic brands. This ingredient reduces pigmentation, makes the skin healthy and radiant, and evens out the tone. 

Chinese peony benefits for skin do not end there. This plant is believed to accelerate the healing process of the skin and improve regeneration. 

Peony oil benefits are known for its favorable effect on hair. The oil awakens hair follicles and improves hair growth

Peony root benefits for anxiety and depression.

 Since ancient times, peony has been used to treat depressive conditions. The millennia-long history of using this excellent plant confirms the effectiveness of this remedy. 

Modern research only confirms the effectiveness of bai-shao. One study reports white peony root benefits for regulating anxiety in premenstrual syndrome. (6) 

Another animal study showed the high antidepressant activity of peony root. It is reported that the components of bai shao can inhibit oxidative stress and enhance neuroprotection. (7) 

Chinese peony root has been a remedy for insomnia for centuries. Tinctures and extracts are effective as sedatives and sleeping aids. 

Peony root for autoimmune processes.

Let’s continue discussing white peony health benefits and look at its effects on autoimmune diseases. We have already listed its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antidepressant effects. Recent research is uncovering even more new sides to this marvelous plant. 

The main chemical constituents of Chinese peony are useful for treating autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, red flat lice in the mouth and Sjogren’s syndrome. (8) 

These studies are revealing more and more chi shao benefits. More evidence is needed, but this herb is effective and completely natural. 

White peony root for estrogen.

White peony estrogen-stimulating plant. It contains phytoestrogens, so peony extract is effective for many gynecological diseases and menopause. (9)

One of the main active components of bai-shao, Paeoniflorin, is able to reduce the concentration of testosterone. 

Possible Side Effects.

White peony root,

It would help if you used white peony root on the advice of a doctor, as with all herbal medicines. The following side effects may occur: 

  • allergic reactions
  • headache
  • diarrhea
  • digestive upset

You should also not use white peony roots if you are: 

  • pregnant
  • breastfeeding
  • hypersensitivity to the components of the product
  • planning to have surgery
  • have high or low blood pressure
  • Have kidney or liver disease

Do not exceed the recommended dosage while taking medication based on white peony roots to avoid side effects. Also, consult your doctor before taking any medication. 

Chinese Peony Supplement: Where to Get.

peony root, peony roots

People use white peony root as tea, dietary supplements, crushed roots, oil, and tinctures. 

If you would like to purchase the root or crushed root to make tea, go to tea stores and traditional Chinese pharmacies. 

These pharmacies also offer tinctures and oils that you should take with water. 

You can find white peony root supplements in online stores such as Iherb and Amazon. Just take the capsules as indicated on the instructions. 

And remember, you should consult your doctor before taking any herbal remedies. 


We have looked at the health benefits of white peony root. This plant has been curing many diseases for over a thousand years. These include autoimmune diseases, inflammation, pain, and even depression. 

Many scientific studies have confirmed the high effectiveness of bai-shao. In this article, we have reviewed the most recent ones. 

It is actually a miraculous herb that can alleviate many different conditions. To make sure Chinese peony is safe for you and won’t cause any problems, talk to your doctor before using it. 

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