Green Coconut: Interesting Facts and Benefits.

Green coconuts are unripe coconuts, which, over time, become the brown coconut we all know. Thus, we have learned that it is not a separate species of coconut. Both green and brown coconut grow on the coconut palm, or otherwise Cocos Nucifera. (1) 

People know coconut for its aroma and flavor. But it is also extremely useful for a variety of health conditions. To learn more, please keep reading. 

Green Coconut vs Brown: What are the Differences?

We have already discovered that fresh young coconut is green, while more mature coconut turns brown. Now let’s compare green vs brown coconut in more detail. 

What does coconut taste like? The fruit of the green coconut is filled with a sweet-smelling liquid called coconut water. A soft, unripe coconut can contain up to 500 ml of liquid. 

A brown coconut usually contains about 50 ml of coconut milk. The pulp in young Thai coconuts is also different from that in brown coconuts. It is more tender, softer, and a bit like jelly. 

green coconut vs brown

The raw coconut water in young Thai coconuts contains about 19 kcal per 100g, but the milk in the ripe brown fruit contains 230 kcal. 

Can you eat a green coconut? Indeed, you can eat not only brown coconuts but also young green coconuts! Green coconuts are low in calories and contain around 500 milliliters of coconut water. 

Health Benefits of Green Coconut

Young coconut juice and pulp both contain many nutrients and health benefits. 

Coconut water is a unique cocktail of micronutrients and sugars and is similar in composition to hydration fluids. 

1. Save from dehydration 

A study involving 8 men discovered the amazing properties of coconut water. They had to ride bicycles in very hot weather. 

These 8 men were able to exercise longer than others and did not experience dehydration compared to those who drank regular water. (2) 

Coconut water contains vitamins C, B1, B2, and PP and minerals potassium, forsova, iron, manganese, and zinc.

So, the next time you want to drink something refreshing, remember coconut raw water! It’s wonderfully moisturizing and energizing. 

young coconut

2. Improves insulin sensitivity 

Another study on rats found significant benefits of young coconut water. The rats suffered from insulin resistance and high blood pressure. Treatment with coconut water significantly lowered blood pressure and reduced lipid accumulation. (3)

This suggests that drinking coconut water can help people with insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. Coconut water improves insulin sensitivity and enhances antioxidant defense. 

3. Improves heart health 

Fresh green coconut water is high in potassium. It may help with some heart problems. Potassium helps maintain optimal blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risks of heart disease. 

Potassium also has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. So, if you have blood pressure problems, try adding coconut water to your diet! This wonderful essence will fill your body with healthy ingredients and give you energy. 

4. Digestive health

Green coconut water contains such a valuable element as manganese. This makes coconuts a valuable food for improving digestion. Consumption of coconut water can help prevent bloating, hyperacidity, and constipation. 

Green coconuts are not only delicious but also very rich in minerals and trace nutrients, making them very valuable. 

5. Detox effect

Due to its unique composition, coconut water helps detoxify the body. Minerals, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants — all these components together- are great for cleansing and moisturizing the body. The vitamin C in the composition also enhances the antioxidant properties. 

This exposure rejuvenates the body, gives a healthier appearance to the skin, and improves collagen synthesis. 

How to Consume Green Coconuts

green coconut vs brown

Green coconuts have a softer shell than brown coconuts, so they are much easier to open. Coconut water from a fresh coconut only lasts for a short time. 

So, as an option, you can buy already-prepared coconut water from grocery stores.  To fully enjoy the flavor of coconut water, you can drink it without anything. 

But you can also add coconut liquid to smoothies, juices, or freeze cubes. To eat the pulp, cut the coconut in half. 

The pulp and the water are a delicate and healthy treat that will give you pleasure and health. 

If the coconut looks good externally, try opening the coconut. A fresh green coconut should have a pleasant, light aroma. A spoiled fruit will have a stale odor. 

Interesting Facts About Green Coconuts 

  • Thailand grows coconuts naturally, without the addition of fertilizers or chemicals. So, if you are in this stunning sunny country, try more coconuts and other fruits
  • A coconut palm tree’s life span can exceed 100-110 years, and each palm tree produces about 60-200 coconuts per year.
  • At the same time, palm trees are not fastidious; they do not need constant watering. The only thing palm trees need is 1.3 kg of salt per year. Yes, coconut palms cannot grow without salt. 
  • Coconut milk’s chemical composition is similar to that of cow or buffalo milk, although it is not an animal product but a plant product. 
  • One coconut can weigh up to 2.5 kilograms or more. But most of this weight is on the outer inedible part of the coconut. 
  • People use coconuts to produce food, such as butter and cream, and building materials. The Philippines has a palace built entirely of various woods and nutshells. People use the roots, trunk, and shells of palm trees and walnuts, which are amazingly strong and all-natural materials. 


This article has covered the health benefits and interesting facts about green coconut. This fantastic healing product contains all the essential nutrients and is a great energy drink! Coconut water is excellent for moisturizing on a hot day and prevents some diseases. 

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