Powdered Carob: Health Benefits, Uses and More.

In this article, we will look at a well-known and nutritious product, powdered carob. We will discover what health benefits this exotic food product provides and how to use it. 

In addition, we will look at what to look out for when choosing. 

What is Carob Powder?

It is a natural product that has long been favored by many supporters of a healthy lifestyle. And this is not by chance. This product has a very rich composition and, at the same time, has a sweet and unique flavor. 

One cup of this superfood has 229 calories and 41 grams of fiber. In addition to fiber, the composition includes Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, and other useful substances. (1)

The powder is made from the dried beans of the carob tree (ceratonia siliqua). Evergreen Carob trees grow in the Mediterranean region. People use the beans to make desserts, chocolate, drinks, and cocktails.

In addition, there is a huge selection of products with this superfood in stores. These include candies, chocolates, cookies, and syrups.

powder carob

Carob vs Chocolate

Carob is naturally sweet, while cocoa powder is bitter. Therefore, cocoa sweets often contain much sugar to mask the bitter taste. This significantly increases the caloric content of the product. Therefore, the calorie content of chocolate with cocoa is much higher than that of carob chocolate. 

  • Caffeine-free, unlike cocoa beans. This substance has a psychotropic effect and can negatively affect the central nervous system, causing nervousness, rapid heartbeat, and increased excitability. For some people who have a high sensitivity to caffeine, eating chocolate and sweets with cocoa can be very harmful. Therefore, sweets from Powdered Carob can be a real boon. They taste very similar to regular chocolate but do not have an inflammatory effect on the nervous system. 
  • Hypoallergenic product. There are no allergens in carob, so it is suitable even for those who are allergic to chocolate.  
  • Low-fat content. Cocoa powder typically has about 12 grams of fat per cup, but our superfood has only 0.67g.  

Carob Powder Benefits

carob powder

We’ve already figured out what advantages our superfood has over cocoa. Let’s look at a few more facts and find out even more benefits of this wonderful product. 

  • Suitable for use by hypertensive people, pregnant women, and children. (does not contain caffeine) 
  • It contains a lot of fiber. This has a beneficial effect on digestive processes and health in general. 
  • Regular consumption of powdered carob reduces cholesterol levels. (2) 
  • Helps reduce appetite. It does this by reducing the production of ghrelin, a hormone that controls hunger. And also due to the high fiber content. 
  • It has lots of vitamins B, D, and vitamin A and minerals like magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, copper, manganese, and nickel. And of course, it contains a large amount of antioxidants. Which are very useful for the youth and beauty of the skin. 

Ways of Use

This superfood is very versatile and will easily integrate into your usual recipes:

  • Add to smoothies and shakes
  • Use carob syrup as an underlying agent (for example, when baking brownies or muffins).
  • Add to raw food desserts
  • Make chocolate or chocolate candies from carob 


Carob Powder is a fantastic product that has health benefits and great taste. It can be a healthier alternative to cocoa powder in your kitchen and can completely replace your cocoa chocolate. 

You can consume prepared carob products such as desserts and chocolates or cook at home. In order to give your dishes a sweet flavor, you can use carob syrup instead of sugar. 

Thanks to its rich vitamin-mineral and antioxidant content, this treat will not only give you the pleasure of flavor but will also have many health benefits.

Consumption of carob reduces appetite, improves digestion, and reduces cholesterol levels.

The lack of coffeine in its composition makes this superfood a healthier alternative to cocoa chocolate. People with high blood pressure, pregnant women, and children can consume it.

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