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Are Grapes Good for Weight Loss? Health Benefits, Intake Norms.

When it comes to shedding a couple of extra pounds, finding the perfect foods can be no easy task. If cakes and candies are something we realize it’s best to eliminate for the duration of weight loss, what about fruit? Among the sea of low-calorie fruits, grapes emerge as a sweet spot for many. But the question lingers: are grapes good for weight loss, or are they just another delicious temptation that could derail your diet?

Grapes: A Low-Calorie Delight or Diet Saboteur?

Grapes, with their juicy burst of sweetness, seem like a harmless treat. But do grapes cause belly fat? Or worse, can grapes make you fat? It’s time to dive into the vineyard of facts and debunk some myths.

First of all, grapes are really not a low-calorie fruit. Moreover, it is among the fruits with the highest amount of sugar. But still, a small amount of grapes can be the perfect snack and sweet replacement for weight loss enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer red or green grapes, both are not considered low-calorie fruits, although red grapes are slightly in the lead in terms of antioxidant content. So when pondering which fruit is the lowest calorie or the best of the low calorie fruits, grapes definitely won’t be at the top of the list.

The Grape Debate: Calorie Count and Weight Management

grapes are good for weight loss

One cup of grapes (that’s 151 grams) contains 104 calories and 27 grams of carbohydrates. (1) When compared to other fruits and berries such as apples, raspberries, or blueberries, grapes are certainly more caloric. In the article «5 fruits to avoid for weight loss«, we have already written that grapes should be avoided or at least limited for the time of weight loss. 

Are grapes high in calories? For a fruit, yes, but as an alternative to dessert or candy, not at all. Grapes are far from the villain in your diet story.

By itself, it does not contain enough calories to be considered high-calorie. However, the key is to observe moderation. Overindulging in any, even the lowest-calorie fruit, can tip the scales the wrong way.

The fear of sabotaging weight loss with grapes is often associated with misconceptions about the sugar content. Grapes not only have natural sugars but also water and fiber, which help you feel satiated and not overeat. So, do grapes make you gain weight? Only if you consume it in excessive amounts without balancing the total number of calories.

Incorporating Grapes into Your Diet

Are grapes good for a diet, then? Absolutely. Grapes and other fruits are excellent and not as caloric as cakes or candy in moderate amounts.

Are green grapes good for weight loss? One cup of grapes instead of dessert will fit into any calorie intake. And the same can be said for red grapes. Both can be your allies in the fight against excess weight, offering a combination of hydration, fiber, and nutrients but keeping calories in check.

Do grapes help you lose weight directly? Yes, as part of a balanced diet. Its calorie count means you can enjoy a hearty portion without going overboard on calories.

Health Benefits of Grapes

We have already answered the central question: are grapes good for weight loss? Now, let’s look at a few advantages of grapes over other sweets. 

Grapes contain bioactive substances such as flavonoids, anthocyanins, and stilbenes. According to some studies, there is a link between grape consumption and reduced risk of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases. (2)

In addition, grapes contain many vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin K, responsible for bone health and blood clotting. (3) 

Copper is also vital for our body; it is responsible for energy production. (4)

In addition, some compounds found in grapes may improve markers of insulin response.

One review involving 1,297 adults showed that grapes and grape supplements significantly reduced the insulin resistance index (HOMA-IR). (5) 

Strategic Snacking and Meal Planning

are green grapes good for weight loss
Are green grapes good for weight loss?

So, how can you harness the power of grapes in your weight loss journey? Think of grapes as nature’s candies — a sweet treat that satisfies without the guilt. Adding them to your diet can curb those sugar cravings without the caloric consequences of actual sweets. Whether it’s red or green grapes, incorporating them into salads, yogurt, or as a standalone snack can put a fresh spin on your diet plan.

The most important thing in any diet is the total number of calories during the day. So, if you want to lose weight and have already eliminated junk food, sweets, and fast food from your diet, one serving of fruit a day will help make your meals more flavorful and varied. Most importantly, such a diet is relatively easy to follow, and in the long run, it will help you lose weight much more easily. 

Grapes and Weight Loss: The Verdict

grapes for weight loss

To summarize, we can say that grapes do not contribute to the appearance of belly fat when consumed in moderation. They attest to the fact that nature offers the best treats for those who want to lose weight without compromising on flavor. Grapes are a low-calorie and nutritious snack that will integrate perfectly into your healthy weight-loss plan.

Are grapes good for weight loss? The answer is an unequivocal yes. Whether you’re asking, «Are grapes useful for weight loss?» or «Will grapes help you lose weight?» the evidence is clear. Grapes aren’t just healthy — they’re great for those who strive to follow a healthy, balanced diet without denying themselves the pleasure of eating delicious food.

In the end, it’s all about balance, variety, and moderate consumption. Grapes, with their juicy fruits, are an opportunity to enjoy nature’s bounty without fear of gaining extra pounds. So go ahead, reach for a bunch of grapes, and savor every juicy bite — it’s part of your journey to a healthy and happy lifestyle.


It’s best to stick to a serving size of about a cup of grapes, which is roughly 30 to 40 grapes, as part of a balanced diet.

While eating grapes at night won’t directly influence weight loss, their low-calorie content makes them a better snack choice than high-calorie, processed foods.

Both red and green grapes have similar nutritional qualities and can be included in a weight loss diet. However, red grapes have higher levels of antioxidants.

Grapes contain compounds that may influence fat metabolism, but they won’t directly burn fat. To lose weight by burning fat, in addition to exercise, diet is very important. A balanced diet and a small but constant calorie deficit will lead you to the desired weight. 

Yes, grapes can be part of your daily diet as long as they are consumed in moderation and as part of a varied and balanced diet.

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