How to Lose Upper Belly Fat: Top 7 Science-Based Methods

Getting rid of belly fat is a genuinely challenging task for many people. And often, it may seem like an impossible task. But don’t worry! This article will look at How to lose upper belly fat.

Let’s talk about the most effective methods confirmed by science. So, let’s start exploring!

What is Upper Stomach Fat?

Upper belly fat is excess deposits in the upper abdomen above the navel. Typically, this fat distribution in the abdominal area occurs in people with an apple-shaped body type. From the outside, such a belly may look swollen and resemble a pregnant belly.

Many factors influence the growth of upper ab fat, and it is often difficult to single out any one reason. The most common causes of belly fat are:

  • excessive calorie consumption
  • eating a large amount of food at one time
  • age
  • low metabolism
  • genetic factors
  • low or no physical activity
  • hormonal disorders
  • bad habits such as alcohol or smoking

Usually, if you start introducing healthy habits into your diet and increase physical activity, you will definitely see results!

Your overall fat percentage will decrease, and your upper belly fat will also reduce.

Why is it so important to lose belly fat?

Excess belly fat or visceral fat can cause many health problems. (1) The risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure increases.

The load on all joints, including the spine, also increases. If someone has 30-40 extra pounds of fat, imagine how hard it is on their joints throughout the day. But that is not all. We can add increased risks of injury to this list, which are also associated with excess weight.

How can I check if I have a belly fat problem?

belly fat women waist measurement

You don’t need any specific research. It will be enough to measure your waist with a measuring tape. The larger your waist, the greater the health hazard it poses.

For women: waist measurement of 35 inches or more is a reason to change your lifestyle and see a doctor.

For men: waist measurement of 40 inches or more may indicate health problems. (2)

Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD (president of the American Diabetes Association), says that visceral fat produces toxins that negatively affect the functioning of the entire body.

These substances increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also make the body less sensitive to insulin. This consequence can lead to diabetes.

According to Eric Jacobs, Ph.D., a researcher at the American Cancer Society, these toxins (cytokines) cause inflammation, which can lead to cancer of the esophagus, colon, and pancreas. (2)

How to get rid of upper belly fat?

How to reduce upper belly fat?

Please continue reading if you want to know how to lose upper belly fat. We will tell you about all the most effective methods in details.

1. Reduce Your Calorie Intake.

This is the most effective method for getting rid of upper abdominal fat and fat on the legs, hips, and arms.

There is no special food that burns belly fat. But if you start eating healthier and try to eat less processed foods, this will reduce your overall caloric intake. On this site, you can calculate the required number of calories. 

We often eat foods that are very high in calories and don’t notice it. Why? Because this food often does not bring satiety. To get satiation, for example, from chocolate, we will have to eat much more of it than normal.

So every day we eat a lot of extra calories. One extra cookie for breakfast — plus 400 calories, and one chocolate bar — 500 calories. All the extra calories will go into fat deposits, including the upper abdomen.

Reduce Your Calorie Intake

That’s why it’s so important to count the caloric content of foods, at least for the first time. Then, it will be easier for you to understand the composition and calorie content of foods, and you will be able to easily meet your daily calorie intake.

Here are some more tips to help you lose upper belly fat:

  • Try to include as many High-Volume, Low-Calorie Foods as possible in your menu: Leafy Greens, vegetables, and fruits.
  • One-Volume Rule: Try to eat approximately the same amount of food at each meal. This will increase satiety and make it easier to lose belly fat.
  • Drink enough clean drinking water throughout the day.

2. Eliminate Sugary Drinks, Juices, and All Liquid Calories.

Also, try to reduce or completely eliminate all sugary drinks and juices. They contain an enormous amount of sugar. In this case, a sharp jump in blood sugar occurs, which negatively affects the process of losing weight. Such sugar surges increase appetite and can contribute to excess weight gain in the long term.

If you want to eat fruit, eat it all. This way, you will get not only sugar but also fiber. This will help you feel full and make weight loss easier.

3. Try to Minimize Stress.

We often find it difficult to control the amount of food we eat due to stress. Stress forces many to constantly overeat and causes eating disorders. Also, excessive food consumption leads to consequences such as weight gain and obesity. (3)

This is why trying to lower stress in your daily life is so important. Upper abdominal fat, like fat deposits in other parts of the body, also depends on the level of stress hormones.

What helps reduce stress?

To lose weight and reduce the amount of stress in your life, start with the simplest and most accessible methods:

 Physical activity will make you more resilient to stress. Yoga, stretching, massage, and spa treatments will help you relax after a working day and restore balance. Psychotherapy is also effective if you experience chronic stress and tension over a long period of time.

4. Get Regular Physical Activity.

upper stomach fat workout

Do you want to know how to lose upper belly fat? Add activity to your day. In the article How to Get a Smaller Waist, we also wrote about the importance of physical activity in everyday life.

Core exercises are not alone in helping remove fat from the abdominal area. You don’t even have to go to the gym. These could be walks outside, dancing, whatever you like.

It will help you burn calories, fight stress, and lose weight!

5. Do Exercises to Strengthen Your Abdominal Muscles.

If you want to know how to lose belly fat: exercise on ab muscles, this is the answer.

Below, we will talk about the most effective of them.

In the article Do AB Workouts Burn Belly Fat? we wrote about how local fat-burning occurs when doing abdominal exercises. (4, 5)

 To reduce belly fat quickly, perform exercises on your abdominal muscles. Ab exercises perfectly strengthen core muscles and improve blood circulation in the abdominal area. It will also allow you to burn calories and reduce fat deposits throughout the body.

Top exercises to lose belly fat:

  • Plank exercise
upper stomach fat workout

The plank is perfect for beginners. These are both upper-ab workouts and lower-ab workouts.

How to do the plank exercise?

Lie flat on the floor. You can use a mat. Using your forearms and toes, lift your body parallel to the floor. Instead of using your forearms, you can also rest on your palms and perform exercises with straight arms like a poke.

Try to tense your ab muscles and hold the tension for some time.

All upper ab exercises are best performed in several approaches. After the first exercise, rest for about one minute and proceed to the second and then the third approach.

  • Crunches

How to get rid of upper stomach fat? Perform abdominal crunches several times a week, and you will see positive changes.

How to perform abdominal crunches?

Lie on your back, bend your knees at an angle of 90 degrees, and place your hands behind your head. Raise your upper body, making sure your lower back is pressed to the floor. At the same time, try to rise up by contracting your abdominal muscles.

How to do crunches?
  • Other upper belly fat exercises

Try all the abdominal exercises and find your favorite exercise for upper abdomen fat. The video below shows a set of female upper belly fat exercises. In these exercises, you will work on reducing belly fat by engaging your core and lifting your legs.

upper belly fat workout

6. Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep undermines the production of hunger and satiety hormones and reduces insulin sensitivity. This triggers a reaction to increasing the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol leads to the accumulation of visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.

That’s why it’s important to try to get enough sleep if you want to lose upper belly fat. One study says that even if you eat healthy and are in a calorie deficit, you will find it difficult to lose excess fat. (6)

There is another study that found a relationship between the amount of sleep and subcutaneous fat. (7)

Get enough sleep

7. How to Get Rid of Top Belly Fat: Stomach Liposuction

In this article, we discuss all the methods of How to lose upper belly fat. In some cases, this procedure may be indicated. Stomach liposuction before and after shows good results, but we recommend you carefully approach this decision.

Before deciding on a procedure such as abdominal liposuction, we advise you to try all the methods described above. It is important to understand that after fat is removed, it can accumulate again if you do not follow proper nutrition and do not monitor the amount of food.

On the internet, you can find many examples of tummy liposuction before and after.

Lipo before and after (stomach lipo before and after or belly liposuction before and after) photos show impressive results. We recommend performing this procedure only when indicated and contacting the best plastic surgeons.

Conclusion: How to Lose Upper Belly Fat

We covered the topic of How to lose upper belly fat in as much detail as possible. This information will help you speed up your weight loss. Regularly doing an upper stomach fat workout will give you a strong core. Take a closer look at your plate; you will see many options for tasty and healthy products. And, of course, remember the importance of getting enough sleep.

All these methods together will give excellent results. The most important thing is to pursue your goal with self-love and patience.

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